It is undoubtedly a complex year, but we also know that from crises we must come out stronger and look forward to try to keep moving forward. With this spirit and with the enthusiasm of a great human group focused on innovation and training, we have created the program of the “XXVIII Course in Laparoscopic Surgery – Innovation in Minimally Invasive Surgery“. We have built this course in a hybrid format, face-to-face (depending on the situation of the pandemic during the dates of the meeting) and virtual, and it will take place between February 3 and 5, 2021.
Innovation, standardization, debates and everything that is a reality and what comes to us in the exciting world of surgery will be analyzed in these 3 intense days. Up to 11 live surgeries will be carried out from different connection points worldwide, from India and South Korea to the USA, going through different locations in Europe. We have gathered the most innovative surgeons who are committed to the evolution of surgery on the national and international scene so that they show us their concerns and thoughts and teach us and open our minds to what is coming. Likewise, on February 2, we will carry out a pre-course on new trends in minimally invasive surgery in emergencies, where current issues in this field will be discussed.
Without a doubt, we are looking forward to have you in Seville, either in person or virtually, with the same enthusiasm as every year.
Don’t miss your chance to take a look at the innovative world of surgery!!!

Salvador Morales-Conde
Francisco Javier Padillo Ruiz
Directores del “XXVIII Curso de Cirugía Laparoscópica – Innovación en Cirugía Mínimamente Invasiva”

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